Rev. Dr. Maureen Killoran, MA, DMin
Unitarian Universalist Transition Minister
Professional Transitions Specialist

Sermons & More

Here I offer a gateway to various aspects of my "writing" dimension of ministry. Worship, of course, entails much more and moves much deeper than the written word - at its best it engaged mind, heart, spirit and body -- all in a way that engages people of various theologies and a-theologies, ages, and all the myriad aspects of diversity that are part of a vibrant Unitarian Universalist congregation. The minister does well  to hold these diversities gently in her heart as she dares to craft works 
and frame the service of worship.

For a transition minister in particular, this means entering a cong
regation with a sensitivity to what is vitally important to that body of people, as well as adding her own skills, interests, and experience into the mix.  

I invite you to browse within these resources that I share here as conversation-starters for the exploration about what is of inherent worth and value for you, and for your congregation, during this time of transition.  
I hope these samples raise questions for dialogue, and look forward to discussing them with you in the future.  Rev. Maureen