Rev. Dr. Maureen Killoran, MA, DMin
Unitarian Universalist Transition Minister
Professional Transitions Specialist

Chalice Lighting Inspired by UU Principles:

 In this free church, we come together without creed, focusing instead on the core values of justice, equity and compassion . . .of mutual acceptance of our diverse ways of being, as we seek to connect ourselves more fully with the unfolding truths of life
and of our world.


We come together in shared conviction that all people deserve a voice in matters that concern them, and that it is up to each of us to protect the rights of all – particularly those who, for whatever reason, have long been held in silence.


We come together in the stubborn belief that community is possible and that peace is more than a dream.


We commit together to affirm in our actions as well as our words,  the inherent worth and dignity of every human being.


We come together in awareness of our interdependence with all humanity, and with the wider web of existence, for that too is part of what is meant by “we.”


In this free  church, we come together without creed, believing that the way we live in the world bears testament to the value of our beliefs.


We light this chalice as a beacon of hope for those who have gathered here this day.  For all who have ever walked through our doors.  For those who may yet find this spiritual home, and for those whose paths will never come our way.


For all this, and for all those things we dare to hope and dream, we kindle our chalice flame this day.


(Second last stanza inspired by the Rev. Erik Wikstrom)

 For the Community of Now

As we draw into the community of silence, 
may our minds be clear of the million little ticks and bothers that keep us from the focus of our values and our dreams.  

Let us remember that, to the best of our knowledge,we did not ask to be born. 

We did not design the universal pattern where life ends in death.  Whatever comes before life or after death,this interval between is what we have.  It is our time.


The world, we know, is troubled . . . and so, all too often are our hearts.  here are on every newscast, in every blog or paper, or in the timelines of our tweets, there are catalogues too great to bear, catalogues of dangers and of pain. Even as the earth is aching, human beings seem too obstinate to learn, too inflexible to change.


And yet, it is true
– this interval, this NOW, is what we have.

Spirit of life and love and challenge, grant us the courage to make a difference where we can,

no matter how small the area given us to impact.


Help us to value beauty and seek out joy.

Remind us to speak our caring to those we love.

For it is through these lens that we say
“thank you,”

That we appreciate the gift that is our life.


We did not ask to be born. 

We did not design the universal pattern
where life ends in death. 
This interval between is what we have. 
Now is our time.


In a Time of Transition:

Sacred Energy of Life, we dare this day to make these prayers, that our souls may grow toward wholeness, and the potential for
Life's holy creativity may be fulfilled. 

From the tyranny of the trivial,
     may we be delivered
From the bustle of busy-ness,
     may we be free.
From the anxiety of
     may we be eased.
From the selfishness of unbridled appetite,
     may we be reliev
From the paralysis of anticipated failure,
     may we be released.

May we be granted the gifts of vision and
     courage to pursue our dreams.
For the confusion of leadership and control,
     we ask of ourselves forgiveness.
For the rashness of anger,
     we beg the slowness of a healing breath.
For frailties and faintness of heart,
      we long for patience
      and the touch of gentle hands.

That we may act more freely as midwives of justice and live more generously 
as celebrants of hope, these things we pray.

For the Advent of the "Holiday Season:"

We gather this morning,

both because and in spite of

the pressures of the season.

May we on this day commit ourselves

To banish cynicism and welcome wonder.

To downplay our differences

And claim the kinship of community.

May we be mature enough

to free the child we once longed to be.

May we be foolish enough

To deny the raucous demands

of the things

that populate our days . . .

foolish enough to wait, to listen,

and to let the tranquility of peace blossom

and become the essence of our being.


Litany for Kindling a Chalice Flame:

As the kindling of this chalice calls us to community,

              Let there light.

As the flame of this chalice reminds us of our values,

              Let there be light.

As the glow of this chalice encourages us to hope,

              Let there be light.

Let there be light. 

May it warm our hearts and encourage our spirits,

today and throughout our lives.