Rev. Dr. Maureen Killoran, MA, DMin
Unitarian Universalist Transition Minister
Professional Transitions Specialist

Personal & Family Life

A note from Rev. Maureen:

Born in Canada, I lived in that country until beginning my ministry in Salem, Oregon in 1986. I met my husband, Peter Hyatt, that year when, as chair of the worship committee at UU congregation in Corvallis, OR, he invited the "new local minister" to preach. 

I became increasingly committed to full participation in the challenges that shape the lives of Unitarian Universalists
 in the United States. After a lengthy and challenging process, I took the oath of U.S. citizenship in 1999. Thus I now hold dual citizenship, U.S. and Canadian. 

Peter and I moved to Asheville, North Carolina in 1991 and to Hendersonville N.C. in 2002. In 2006, we embraced the adventure of Interim Ministry, and have enjoyed the challenge of regular transitions -- yes, even the moving -- ever since. In 2014, we sold our North Carolina home, and now register as "residents," based in the community in which we are serving.

My daughter, Andrea, is thriving as a homeschooling mother of nine (!) in Morganton, N.C.; Peter has two children. His son, Kim, and his wife live in Galveston, Texas, and Kim's, Casey, is married and establishing himself professionally 
in Tennessee. We both admire Peter's daughter, Kiri, who is the sole proprietor of a small ranch in west Texas. We are also close to Peter's three siblings who live in Oregon and California. 

 I am an enthusiastic participant in social media, and enjoy keeping in touch with colleagues and friends across the continent, primarily on Facebook and Yelp. As @revglenrose, I tweet a daily morning prayer, a spiritual discipline that has become an important part of my day.  Activities I look forward to engaging in the next couple of years include creating collages and re-engaging in my former hobby of sketching.

Peter is flexibly retired and keenly supportive of this ongoing chapter in our lives. As a life-long UU, he is likely to be an active participant in congregational life, particularly if there is room for another bass voice in the choir. Dra
wing on his engineering background, Peter often lends a hand as a volunteer in matters related to facilities.

In our personal time, Peter and I enjoy live theater and movies, occasional concerts, travel, cooking together, and exploring the lesser known aspects of our surroundings. (The picture on the right shows us proudly displaying the "chocolate bar" we made at a workshop in Cozumel in January, 2015.)

We both literally "gobble" books on our Kindles, though Peter's interests tend toward history and I am more often found engrossed in a work of fiction. Art museums, history, geology, natural beauty - our interests are diverse. So far we have found intriguing elements to catch our enthusiasm in every city where we've lived. We are particularly looking forward to making new friends on our next chapter of ministry.