Rev. Dr. Maureen Killoran, MA, DMin
Unitarian Universalist Transition Minister
Professional Transitions Specialist

What UUs are saying about Rev. Maureen's work
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Rev. Maureen brought guidance to approaching the many challenges our congregation was facing. 
She recognized and gently dealt with conflicts on the congregational level as well as the individual personal level. Rev. Maureen is truly a skilled and compassionate professional. -
Donna Reed, Board President, First UU, San Antonio, TX

The process of transition has been as orderly and well executed as I can imagine. I must also say that Maureen is simply a "fantastic preacher." The services are tightly organized and well executed. Her sermons range from the interesting or maybe slightly humorous to the courageous and challenging. - Mark Ackerman, active lay leader and longtime member, First UU, San Antonio

Reverend Maureen brings tremendous skill, energy and spirituality to her interim work. She has a wonderful personality and brings her strengths and struggles into her ministry in a way that helpfully grounds her work. She is a healer.  ~ William Lemon, Past President,     Eliot Unitarian Chapel, Kirkwood, MO


Maureen is methodical in her approach yet leaves plenty of room for intuitive leaps. and is very open to new ideas.  Maureen is charming and personable, but absolutely will not bend for the sake of convenience. 'Tough, but fair,' would be the cliche. ~ Charles Lewis, Administrator, Eliot Unitarian Chapel 


Maureen taught us to focus on our strengths and use them well and in a balanced fashion. ~ Pete Kersey, former Board member, UU Fellowship of Vero Beach, FL

Rev. Maureen is a charismatic and thoughtful preacher. She is compassionate, diplomatic, intuitive, thoughtful and intelligent. Her expertise in interim matters served our church well following the departure of the senior minister who had served for 12 years. Maureen's commitment to the congregation, its members and its children was wonderful.
 ~ Petrina Hollingsworth, chair, Leadership & Nominations Committee, River Road UU Congregation. 

Maureen's years as a minister, her hard work and HR expertise have made a difference for our congregation.  Our settled minister is the beneficiary of her legacy.
 ~ Barbara Welsh, Chair, Personnel Committee, Main Line Unitarian Church, Devon, PA.

Maureen not only filled the position of senior minister, she provided leadership to move us forward. We all feel like she really cares about us though she was only with us for two years. We are better for having known her. 
Sara Adams, Chair, Search Committee, River Road Unitarian Universalist Congregation

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Rev. Killoran is a seasoned professional with the skills, knowledge, training, experience and temperament necessary to help a congregation to move into its next chapter. 


Rev. Killoran's compelling preaching skills added to her ability to facilitate change and help our congregation become ready to accept a Settled Minister significantly different from our previous one.  ~ Jim Heaney, past Board Chair, River Road UU Congregation, Bethesda, MD



Maureen Killoran is savvy, sharp, and sophisticated. Her breadth of experience and creative intellect serve our faith well. I knew her work directly over two years as she led a challenging congregation toward readiness for its next chapter. Suffice it to say Maureen is a winner. Catch her if you can.~ Rev. Kenneth Hurto, District Executive, Florida UU District  

Rev. Maureen Killoran is a phenomenal Interim Minister, coming in to a high conflict situation, and working with us to the point where we were ready for a new settled ministry. We completed a successful search for a settled minister, and we never could have managed it without the improvements she has led us to achieve. ~ Michael Kessler, former Board Member, UU Fellowship of Vero Beach