Rev. Dr. Maureen Killoran, MA, DMin
Unitarian Universalist Transition Minister
Professional Transitions Specialist

Why a Transition Minister?

Your minister is leaving.
You've been told it can take
as long as 24 months before
your new minister arrives.
What do you do now?

The first thing I recommend is that you BREATHE.  For you are,
by definition, in a period of transition -- an Interim Time. One chapter of your congregation's life is ending (or has ended), and the next will soon begin.
The time between is a "liminal" period, not-quite-this, not-yet-that, rich with opportunities for deeper understanding and creative approaches to congregational issues. 

Taking the time to work with a professional transition minister is one path to helping your congregation achieve a positive transition, a time when seeds
are planted, hopes are voiced, visions are articulated, and positive energy
is nurtured.


How working with
a professional transition minister
can benefit your congregation

* A professional transition minister can be a companion and adviser as you come to terms with the changes your congregation is experiencing. She (or he) will help you honor your history, while facilitating needed conversations, and lifting challenges gently but directly into the light

* She can work with you to address and heal new or old conflicts, and work through the grief and confusion that sometimes accompany leadership transitions.

* She will view your congregation with clear eyes, giving you an honest assessment of your strengths and an appreciation for areas with potential for positive change. 

* She will offer competent ministry and deep personal caring, providing a thread of continuity in a time of change. Your transition minister will help your congregation be aware of its connection to the wider fabric of our movement and our shared mission in the world.

* She will help you nurture and enrich your worshiping and working community during the transition period.

* She will walk with you on the path of expanding your congregation's perceptions and identity, as together you seek to live out UU principles in creating a just and inclusive 

 * A transition minister can help your congregation deepen its stewardship, review and strengthen its governance structures, nurture lay leadership, enhance both board and/or staff's performance and morale, and prepare for your next chapter of ministry.

* And, in case all this sounds rather intense, one thing a professional transition minister can do (and I promise to do) is to weave in a sense of humor and appropriate playfulness as you go about the process of moving on.

Then, at the end of the appointed time, your transition minister will join you in celebrating your opportunities -- and, with respect and caring, she will move on. For that is the nature of an interim time -- it comes to an end when your next chapter is ready to begin. 

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I look forward to exploring the possibilities of transition work with you.  Please feel welcome to email me for conversation on the above perspective or on any other matters.

Maureen Killoran